sexta-feira, outubro 02, 2020

The Brazilian apartheid

Racism has been officially instituted in Brazil by legal norms and by decisions of the Supreme Court by means of the imposition of racial quotas on the grounds that a historic reversal of the slavery that prevailed in this country would be necessary.

The Brazilian Federal Constitution establishes that all individuals are equal before the Law. This makes sense because otherwise discrimination among individuals would result therefrom on whatever grounds which could come about.

Laws allowing racial quotas are discriminatory. They make absolutely no sense. Mainly because they are based upon the difference between individuals  on the grounds of their race or the collor of their skin.

No one is to be blamed for not having an African ancestry, with dark skin. As no one is to be blamed too for not being white or oriental.

The advancement of court decision in favor of the racial discrimination is leading Brazil to a real apartheid, where those with their legitimated rights to equal treatment before the law are being disregarded because they are not negroes.

The “politically correct” line of thought may not be accepted as an argument for the violation of the constitutional guarantee that all individuals are equal before the law. 

We may ask if the Brazilian Supreme Court in its present composition knows how to read the Constitution.

With you, reader, the answer.