sexta-feira, junho 24, 2016

BREXIT and the yes vote. What now UK?

Plinio G. Prado-Garcia

By a slight majority the yes vote prevailed for UK to leave the European Union.

One may wonder what will be the outcome, the consequences for the British people in UK and for those British citizens outside UK.

It is quite possible that the great majority of those individuals who cast their votes in this plebiscite have not yet  taken into consideration what will the consequences be in so far as their rights, their freedom of action, the impact of such departure from EU upon their business, their properties, their lives and  their currency are concerned.

A careful study of any and all such consequences turns out to be a must.

The “pros” and the “cons” of this yes vote would certainly help all UK residents and non-residents  to measure the benefits and the negative consequences of their decision to retire from EU.

Maybe it will show that the yes vote was a wrong decision, which will bring to UK disadvantages in separating from EU.

If such disadvantages are greater than the advantages resulting therefrom,  would there be any remedy to correct the yes vote?

In my opinion the answer would be in the affirmative. It is quite simple. Whomever has the power to call for a plebiscite, has the power to call for  another one designed to ratify or not ratify the previous one.

This would give voters the opportunity to confirm or not confirm, to ratify or not ratify their previous votes.